Kindness towards others

977) Let a man in a wheelchair pass on the road in front of me.

978) Showed kindness to a neighbor.

979) Passed along some information requested by a Passover guest.

980) The other day when I was at going to the gym at the Jewish Community Center, I noticed that the guard had worked a double shift on one day (5:30am until 4pm) and was back again the next morning when I was at the gym at 6 am. I commented and guessed he was a bit tired from the two shifts back to back. He was, but was happy that he would have the following day off for Passover.   I realized after that interaction that getting to know others makes us more sympathetic to each other. Every day we cross paths with many different people.   We are all people regardless of our race,  job or gender.Why not go out of your way to “notice” and appreciate someone else. Find out their name and a little about them and be sure to smile and be friendly.   It certainly makes life alot more fun!


Helping a stranger

841) Today I was on my way to Target to pick up a gift card. I wasn’t in a hurry and when I arrived I saw an older couple. The wife was in a wheelchair and the husband was trying to push her and balance a large box of items they had purchased. I offered to help carry the box to the car. They were so grateful. I am glad I wasn’t rushing and had the time to give them some assistance.

842) Suggested an article to a friend who I thought might benefit from it.

843) A friend was struggling for a quote for a meeting and I made a suggestion that helped her.

Received two mitzvahs today, never underestimate the power of a kind word. I received one from a trainer at the gym today and was smiling all morning. A friend shared her holiday gift card with me and treated me to a cup of coffee and a snack.