Recipient of mitzvahs

Received several mitzvahs.

This afternoon a friend told me that yesterday on Easter she overheard a mom she knows talking about my blog and mitzvah project. My friend interjected and told them she knew me. Wow, that totally made my day!

Tonight,  I attended a speakers association meeting. At the end of the meeting, I asked a question and the speaker invited me to come up to the front of the room so she could coach me. Of course, I was nervous but what an amazing opportunity! When I returned to my seat the gentleman in front of me handed me his card and told me he had taped the whole coaching session (which was an introduction to a speech I am giving next week that was absolutely brilliant).  Another member handed me her written transcription as well. I was so grateful to the speaker for her fabulous spontaneous introduction which was better than anything I can currently craft and the folks who recorded her words for me!


Snow Days continue

It’s hard to do too many mitzvahs from home although I guess cards and calls would work well. Unfortunately, the noise level in my house has been pretty high.

Anyway, I have had extra time to spend on the web and I have a few new colleagues to share. I am not the only one working to do more mitzvahs and kindnesses. Visit Shoshana at the Kindness Happens blog to see lots of other people working to do the same. Also, Emma at Acts of Kindness is recording these as well. She is also a gifted artist who has created beautiful and inspiring designs for a variety of items. I am feeling inspired by reading both of these blogs.  Hope you’ll take a look.

Finally, Rob Cohen was inspired a few years ago to begin a business called Mitzvah Art. Check out the blog and visit his website for meaningful and beautiful Bat/Bar mitzvah gifts that showcase the child’s torah portion.

My husband did a mitzvah tonight when we walked around the corner to get some food. He found a wallet in the bathroom and returned it to the manager.