Two year anniversary since my father died….

Today is December 1, 2008. My father died two years ago today. His death also coincides with my son’s birthday which turns out to be a wonderful blessing. Solomon was so excited today to turn 8. I had left three gifts on the table and he was so happy to find them when he woke up. Later, he confessed to me that he had peeked into one of the bags while I was still asleep. When he opened the presents he never let on that this was the case. I know sometimes my husband and I wonder if our kids really need one more toy, but today Solomon was so grateful for everything that he received. There were some baseball items (hat and cards), pj’s, legos, several gifts of money but his most favorite gift was a boxed set of Chaotic cards. He had been coveting them for weeks at Target and I was excited when I snuck them to the cashier without him seeing a few weeks ago. He was shrill with excitement when he opened them and saw what was inside.

I spoke with my stepmother today and she had gone out for dinner with my stepsister and her family. They ate Chinese food, told stories about my dad and toasted him. Officially in Judaism, you commemorate or have someone’s “yartzeit” on the Hebrew date of their death. So I have decided that even though it is sometimes easier to remember the english date I want this date to remain Solomon’s special day and I will light a candle in memory of my dad next week on his yartzeit December 8th. I am sure my dad would want it this way too.

820) Referred a friend to a colleague of mine for some services.

821) Have you ever offered to do something and then really wished you hadn’t? You might wonder why did I offer to do that. I had one of those moments this weekend and was even contemplating how I could get out of it. It was kind of a misunderstood offer that would require about an hour of my time which in itself was no big deal it was just that it was in combination with my son’s birthday party on an already busy day. In the end, I just figured I should make the best of it and did and you know what, attitude is everything because it turned out to be exactly what I needed at that time of the day.

822) Offered to drive two children to Solomon’s party to help out the parents.

823, 824 & 825) Donated a gift certificate to a Mitten Tree project, as well as coordinated a donation of hand creams and purchased some baby clothes for the project.

826) Brought new magazines to my gym to donate to the reading area.

827) Donated in memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holzberg of Mumbai, India.



valentines day601) February 14th -Valentine’s Day 2008 – My 15th wedding anniversary. I invited my mother to join me to volunteer for a local event we have participated in before. It’s a fundraiser for Loaves and Fishes and on Valentine’s Day they need folks to help deliver their Valentine-A-Grams. In the past, I have taken my mom, my kids and some of my kids friends. It has been a tradition for many years. I was excited to go again this year. On the morning of the event my mom called to say she wasn’t feeling well and would not be able to join me. I was disappointed and feeling sorry for myself to have to volunteer alone on my anniversary. However, once I got in the car and turned on the radio and started enjoying the sunshine I began to have fun. Plus, I knew I was helping to make someone else’s Valentine’s Day special too.

602) My sweetie gave me a special gift this year for our anniversary. He donated money in my honor to a worthy charity. It was a wonderful treat to receive the note in the mail acknowledging that we have what we need and he thought this would be a great way to honor our anniversary. I agree.

603) A friend was looking for a personal trainer and I referred her to someone I thought she would like.

604) Gifted a friend with some products that I thought he might enjoy for some special needs he has.

605) Helped a woman at the grocery store who was in a wheelchair get some eggs she needed out of a difficult location for her.

606) Donated to the MDA Association at the check out stand at the supermarket. The checker gets credit for everyone she gets so she was thrilled when I wanted to do it without her even asking.

607) A mom and her fussy child were in line at the store behind us with only a few items, I offered for her to go first. She was relieved and grateful. If you have ever been to the store with your own fussy children you know what I mean. If we all weren’t in such a hurry maybe more people would do this.

608) Called a friend who wasn’t feeling well to see how she was doing.