ATM Bank Receipts

A few weeks ago, my daughter mentioned that she had heard on one of our favorite podcasts, More Hip than Hippie, that the amount of waste we make just from our ATM bank receipts is absolutely mind-boggling. It has always bugged me that when I go for a quick weekly withdrawal that I automatically get a paper receipt. I stopped at the teller window after a recent withdrawal to inquire about it and lo and behold the teller was able to change my settings on my ATM account. Yesterday, when I drove through the window and did a withdrawal, there was no receipt. My daughter and I discussed that one person doing this might not make a big difference, but if we can possibly begin to move in this direction,  it could definitely make a HUGE difference. So since I have shifted my mindset to only use my recyclable bag when shopping, it is now my goal to begin seeing what I can do about all those extra receipts. Any good suggestions? Perhaps you have a trick or idea for any kind of unneeded receipts. Please share it.