Babysitting Mitzvahs

616) Last night, we were so lucky to receive a mitzvah from a wonderful babysitter. My husband and I were scheduled to attend an annual school auction. We had already purchased our tickets for the event and dinner. The babysitter who was suppose to come ended up coming down with Strep Throat and had to cancel at the last minute. We decided to¬† call another babysitter who is often available and not only did she agree to come, she immediately ended a shopping trip with her mom to do so. She arrived about 1/2 hour after we called her. We were thrilled and grateful for her willingness to change her plans and come to babysit. Since we arrived late and had missed the silent auction, we donated during the “mitzvah moments” a time that the auctioneer asks for direct donations to the school. We were thrilled to be a small part of the $20,000 that was raised during the mitzvah moments.

617) Helped someone at the gym looking for the pool. I walked her to the door and showed her where it was.

618) Complimented a friend on a great speech.