Trash and food mitzvahs

I mentioned last week that in Judaism when someone dies we commemorate  that anniversary on the Hebrew date so it changes from year to year. We call it a yartzeit and today was my father’s 2nd one. I observed the day by going to synagogue where I had gone each morning to say the mourners prayer. I was called up during the service and a special blessing was recited in memory of my father. It talked about the deceased being an inspiration and doing charity in the memory of the deceased. Wow, I hadn’t ever paid attention to these words before so they really hit home for me.

833) Called a friend who had also lost his father around the same  time as me to tell him  I was thinking about him.

834) Called the rebbetzin to check and see when I could come to visit.

835) On a walk through the neighborhood this weekend, I picked up a piece of trash suddenly I kept seeing more and more and by the end of the walk I had nearly 10 pieces of trash. I guess when you are looking for something you will find it.

836) Donated food to the Boy Scouts for their annual food drive.

837) Visited a holiday event that was also collecting food for the local food pantry.

838) Donated money at synagogue today.

839) Gave a friend some holiday product she likes that have been discontinued. I had some still available.

840) Donated to a raffle.

Received a wonderful email about the mitten tree project. The recipients loved their gifts and were very grateful for all they got. Got a thank you phone call from a friend who’d received a gratitude note from me.