Calls and Cards

I literally think the world would be a better place if anytime we were thinking about someone, knowing they were going through a tough time, had lost a loved one, had some significant change in their life or whatever, if anytime someone crossed out mind we called or sent them a note to let them know we were thinking about them. I remember last year after my dad died there were several people who sent me condolence cards that just surprised me. They were people I might not have known all that well but just the fact that they took the time to send me a card to let me know they were thinking about me was very touching.

This year I am making it a point to make the phone call or send the note but I hope that even after I am finished with my mitzvah project I will still take the time to do these small acts. Last week I wrote about a mitzvah and although it was very vague to protect the anonymity of the recipient – I made a short phone call to inquire how someone was doing after there had been some changes in their lives. I will let you know this wasn’t a life or death situation or an illness or even a divorce. However, the thank you note that I got yesterday proved what a short phone call can mean to someone. I was beaming at how this small act had deeply touched someone else. So today right now send someone a card or make a phone call and let someone know if you are thinking about them and could say a couple of words that would make a difference. I have written this before but I love the quote “Act as if what you do matters- It does!”

565) Did some volunteer work for an upcoming at school event.

566) Finally got a chance to spend some time updating our new Inspirational Book corner at DSFO. We hadn’t received that many books but I had three to donate and was able to organize the few new ones we had received.

567) Called a colleague whose friend had died this week to see how she was doing.

568) Called a colleague who had been looking for some information from me on a certain subject several months ago and let her know I had just received information about a new lecture on that subject in case she wanted to attend.

569) Volunteered to assist the March of Dimes in their neighborhood campaign, this week the box came. I send out the information to my neighbors for their annual fundraiser.