A fractured wrist and words from the Rebbetzin

Last week was a bit crazy. My kids were home from school and we had several free days to spend together. On Wednesday, we decided to take a bike ride.  A block from our house my 11 year old daughter spun out and fell over her handlebars. She was very shaken up and I took her to the doctor to check her out. Sure enough she had fractured her wrist. What a bummer for the first few weeks of summer. Instead of being mad, she was actually grateful. She realized it could have been her right arm, could have been her her shoulder or elbow or her leg, all of which she thought would be harder then just a short cast over her wrist. Also, I think she thought the attention with a cast on would be fun. So far it actually has been.

At the end of the week, I spoke with the Rebbetzin. I had hoped to visit her during the week but with the accident, it just didn’t happen. I was definitely on nurse duty and trying to help my daughter however I could.  Thursday she was a complete couch potato and needed water, Motrin and just some Mommy time.

When I spoke to the Rebbetzin she told me that taking care of my daughter had been my mitzvah for the week. I reminded her that several months ago she told me I couldn’t “count” helping my children or my husband as “mitzvahs”. She originally told me that as a wife and mother these activities are just part of our daily lives and aren’t considered mitzvahs. She had forgotten telling me that and  rescinded that opinion,  she said anytime we are going beyond the call of duty it should count as a mitzvah we are giving the other person. It was an amusing conversation because I had definitely thought about what she had said whenever I was doing things for my family these past several months.

Since I am no longer “counting” mitzvahs it really doesn’t matter. Taking care of a child who has been hurt is number one on any parents list. I actually enjoyed my daughter’s quieter demeanor for a few hours. Sometimes these days I get more hugging when my kids are sick than when they are well. Go figure!