Even if you can’t chaperone the trip, you can still load the bus.

This week, my son left for a two-day 6th grade overnight outdoor school trip. Originally, I had thought I would chaperone the event, but then some work related opportunities came up and I wasn’t able to commit to chaperoning. However, the teacher mentioned that she could use some help the morning the kids were leaving to load the luggage on the bus. I volunteered to help out.

Sometimes there will be opportunities to volunteer that just don’t work for us. We have other commitments, we have responsibilities we can’t move or change or perhaps we just aren’t interested to help out with what’s being asked of us. Don’t let that stop you from offering to help in whatever way you can. Certainly, chaperoning a two-day over night trip with 60 6th graders was an entirely different commitment than helping to load the bus, however, for this particular opportunity that was all I could do.

Even if you can’t run the auction, lead the fall fundraiser or chaperone the field trip, know that there are a plethora of other volunteer jobs you probably can do to help out. Don’t be afraid to volunteer yourself. Ask the teacher or volunteer coordinator what other ways you might be able to help or suggest something you can do. It’s always so refreshing when someone is willing and able to pitch in even if they can’t chaperone the entire trip.

I’ll be heading back this afternoon to help unload the bus!