Donors Resource – Online donation tool

I  have written about Donors Resource a few times before on the blog. But it bears repeating because this model is surely one that should and I expect will be duplicated in cities across the country.

Do you have items to donate but don’t  know how to find the best nonprofit to receive your gifts? You are in luck!  The Donors Resource website allows you to simply and effortlessly place your items online and hundreds of non-profits are informed about the donation. It is brilliant. Currently, Donors Resource serves Metropolitan Portland, Oregon and Western Washington.

Last month, I gave a testimonial for Donors Resource and shared my Jew and a Christmas tree story (that I had previously shared on the blog.) Here is the testimonial.  Want a Donors Resource in your community? Contact them and find out how to get one started.


The Jew and the Christmas Tree

Last week, a funny thing happened. I adopted a Christmas tree. It might not seem like a big deal if you’ve always had a Christmas tree in your home each Christmas and you are used to owning Christmas trees, but I don’t celebrate Christmas and have never put up a Christmas tree in my own home. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas. Love the lights, the eggnog, and the decorations in fact my family and I make it a point to drive through neighborhoods and pick out the homes with the best decorations. I enjoy many of the parts of the holiday but have never thought I should have a Christmas tree in my home.

So why then did I adopt a Christmas tree last week? On a walk in the neighborhood, I saw a neighbor who had a smallish probably 4 foot tall – artificial Christmas tree that had a big sign on it that said “FREE”. I walked past and suddenly got an idea, I ran back, rang the doorbell and told the lady I would come back in a few minutes to pick up the tree. My idea was that I would take her tree and donate it through, a non-profit I have written about before that helps people who have stuff to donate connect with non-profits that can use the items they are giving away. I figured for sure there would be a non-profit that could use an artificial tree during the holidays and sure enough today I got the call that a local non-profit wants the tree.

So I guess my mitzvah idea for the week is to think outside of the box. What opportunity can you take to put two things together that might otherwise not be connected? Perhaps its connecting two people, two organizations or helping someone whose giving away a free tree find an owner who can benefit. As I am thinking about this little story, I think it is going to be one I will giggle about for years.