Pots and Pans for Purim

This Saturday night, Jewish families will celebrate the spring holiday of Purim. I have written about Purim before on my blog since it is a wonderful family holiday where kids dress up in costume, give gifts to friends and family, eat a festive meal and generally enjoy the celebratory feeling.

Last year, Roz Babener, the director of  the Community Warehouse, a charitable non-profit that redistributes furniture and home goods to approximately 100 social service agencies throughout the greater Portland metro area, had the idea that synagogues could  gather pots and pans and cooking utensils prior to the Purim holiday, use them for noise makers and then donate them to needy families. (NOTE: During Purim, it is customary when we hear the story retold to make as much noise as possible when we hear the name of the evil Haman.) The experiment last year was such a success that Pots and Pans for Portland is being established now as a yearly event.

The Community Warehouse hopes to share their idea with other Jewish communities around the country that might want to implement similar Pots and Pans for Purim events in their community. Information on the Pots and Pans for Purim how to kits are available online. Visit communitywarehouse.org or contact Roz Babener at roz755@aol.com.