Weekday Mitzvahs

325) Visited the Rabbi and Lisl after several weeks of not being able to see them.

326) Had purchased some medication for my dog just a few weeks before he died. Called the cardiology clinic he had been going to before he died to ask if I could donate these unused medications. Yesterday, I was finally able to deliver them to the clinic.

327) Stopped at a Farm stand. Donated to the College Fund of the girl working there.

I have begun to realize how doing a mitzvah or a good deed can be shared with others and anyone who is watching or participating enjoys the benefits of that action. Yesterday, I was driving in the car and looked over and saw the front seat full of balloons with one that said Welcome Home. I could only imagine if the recipient was recovering from an illness, returning from overseas, a business trip or who knows what else. But just witnessing that good deed made me start smiling and happy to have witnessed that act of kindess.

In addition, at Starbucks yesterday the woman behind the counter was so exhuberant and happy and thanking the customers to choose her store when they had so many to choose from and I commented when I got to the counter what a happy and positive person she was and thanked her for sharing that with others. She said she loves what she does and loves to share that when she works. Horray. We need more people like that in our world.