A one year anniversary and a seventh birthday

Yesterday, was December 1st the one year anniversary from my father’s death and my son Solomon’s seventh birthday. I feel a bit odd in stating that it wasn’t a particularly sad day for me. When my father first died and I told a friend that it had happened on my son’s birthday she told me that was good because my dad wouldn’t want me to be sad thinking about him on that day. For any of you who have children, you know that it is very hard to even be sad when your kids are around because their exuberance for life keeps you smiling. My son was so excited all day for his birthday at Laserport and that really set the tone for the day. The party was wonderful and all the more special for me because of last year.

Anyway, I feel that the whole year has been such an introspection, growth and learning¬† that I feel really positive about all that my father’s death has taught me. Also, last week was the official (Hebrew day when I observed the yartzeit) so it really wasn’t a particularly sad day yesterday.

This was a week with some great mitzvahs.

513) Received a call that someone I knew needed some help at a difficult time. I took some things requested and a few more and delivered what was needed.

514) Made a donation to a wonderful grass roots organization in our community called the Sunshine Pantry that helps people in times of need, no referral or questions asked.

515) In lieu of a gift we were asked to make a donation for a friend celebrating his 60th birthday. We donated to a charity of mutual affection.

516&517) Donated to two local law enforcement fund raisers.

518) Donated to our local Jewish community Federation.