Clean Up Your Own Mess!

Gross! Was it you who took your dog out this afternoon for a walk and let him poop on my sidewalk in front of my house and didn’t clean up the mess? I sure hope not! I hope you wouldn’t consider just walking away and not picking up what you are responsible for. Would you believe,  I have even stopped at a neighbor’s house (more than once and more than one neighbor) when I realized my dog left a small present and I didn’t have a bag to use to pick it up. Believe me my neighbors were thrilled to run and get me a bag so I could take my own dog’s poop home. Luckily for you, I had an extra bag today and cleaned up your mess! Next time you decide to walk away from your dog’s mess – please ring my doorbell instead, I will be happy to get you a bag and I am sure your neighbors will be too!