New Mitzvahs

340) Called a colleague whose husband had been quite ill to see how he was doing.

341) Saw a woman at the supermarket who looked like she wasn’t feeling well,  asked if she was okay or needed something. She was very appreciative but was fine.

342) Let two people cross in front of me while I was driving.

343) Went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some berries, I had gotten there at the very end of the market in fact it was officially closed. The vendor didn’t have any change so I just told him to keep the change. He was surprised and thrilled. I appreciated getting the berries after the market was closed and figured he worked hard and deserved a tip.

344) Sent a card to a coworker to send her an article I thought she would appreciate.

345) Sent a small gift to colleague that I thought she would find useful.

346) Offered to help a lady at the market who was a few cents short on her purchase. In the end she decided to charge it.


Many compliments today…

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous, the flowers are abundant and I had time today to stop and smell the roses.

205) Visited today with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

206) Went to a hardware store to get some supplies. Everyone was helpful from the moment I walked in. I think I had three different people give me incredible service. I asked for the manager at the end of my visit to compliment him and tell him how wonderful it was to shop at the store. He told me they strive for excellent customer service and I told him it showed. I hope people remember to share their compliments and not just criticize others.

207) Donated at the supermarket to Loaves and Fishes, a meals on wheels program for seniors.

I overheard two mitzvahs today too… the first at the grocery store. An older man and his wife were shopping and he was reminding her that there would be a collection this weekend of food for our local food bank through the mail carriers. It made me realize I hadn’t yet gotten my annual donation bag, but could still put some food out. I hate to be sexist but I was so impressed that it was the man reminding the women of this upcoming mitzvah.

Second, at the farmer’s market I overheard a man tell a woman he was passing that she had beautiful eyes, which she did. That got me thinking whether or not it makes a difference who gives a compliment. Some women may feel as if a man is hitting on them when they receive a compliment from him, however, it wouldn’t be taken that way if another women said the same thing. I just felt happy having overheard this man’s compliment to a stranger.