Meal Train

I just found out about this awesome online resource called meal Train to help simplify the process of giving and receiving meals.

I know that many church, school or synagogue communities organize meals for families after life cycle events events like ¬†births, illnesses or deaths in the family. However, according to the website, even this generosity can be frought with uncertainty, like, “When is the best time to start giving meals? Which nights are most helpful? What meals are most liked? What foods have already been shared? How many should I cook for? Is anyone in the home allergic to food types?” or “When is the family ready to start cooking on their own?”

Also coordination of the meals can be complicated. Mealtrain is a way to organize this process and help provide that necessary nourishment for folks you care about.

Visit their meal Train website to use them the next time you want to coordinate meals for someone.

I also had to smile when I saw their contact information, this organization is based out of Burlington, Vermont. Where my father had lived!