Sharing and Giving

967) Called a colleague and passed on some information to a colleague that I thought would alert her to a situation that could have been detrimental.

968) Sent some information to a colleague who needed it.

969) Gave someone a ride home on a dark and rainy night.

970) In line at the grocery store, with my cart filled high for the upcoming Passover holiday, a local Rabbi got behind me with just two items. I had to ask him two times before he would go first.  I told him it could me my mitzvah for the day.

971) At my networking meeting, one of the co-founders of DSFO announced that in honor of their 10th anniversary, they were running a special campaign running called ConnecTen.  She said during these difficult times non profit agencies are seeing more clients and their donations are down. Their goal was to reach $10,000 supporters. She asked that we connect with 10 of our friends and ask each one for a $10 donation. Another member of the group, stood up with her $10 in hand and said she was prepared to give and who else wanted to do so. Hands sprung up in the air with this instant fundraiser. I am sure we raised a couple hundred dollars. It felt great to participate and the energy in the room was absolutely electric.

Today, on my way to a networking meeting, I was running late. As I drove to the meeting, I was stopped once for a passing firetruck and soon afterwards realized I was behind a funeral processional. After a few minutes, the police officer stopped the second lane of traffic at a green light so that the funeral cars could successfully pass through in one line. Two cars ahead of me someone zipped into the processional to move left and get onto the freeway. I could see by the officer’s body language his irritation with this driver. Even running late I realized that it is respectful to wait your turn for a funeral procession. I was surprised how irritated I was at this other driver for his lack of kindness.