Recent Mitzvahs

I found a wonderful quote from Maimonides that I shared at the beginning of the project. I think it’s worth sharing again now that I am nearing the goal of 1000 mitzvahs.

Maimonides states that, ” Giving a thousand gold coins to one person and none to another does not allow the giver the full opportunity to acquire the quality of generosity – not as full an opportunity to one who gives a thousand gold coins on a thousand different occasions…the repetition of the acts a thousand times secures for that individual the personal characteristic of generosity. (Commentary to Mishna, Avot 3:15)

944) Gave a colleague some information she requested.

945) During the school day on Thursday, our school ran two different circus events. One for the younger kids and one for the older children. I was originally only going to volunteer for the morning event, but heard there was still a need in the afternoon so I took on that shift too.

946) Thursday night, I volunteered for a Girls Inc Fundraiser. It was a wonderful evening. Even as a volunteer, I was able to participate in some of the fund raising activities. I enjoyed answering questions for patrons and running the silent auction items to the recipients.

947) I struck up a conversation Thursday with a stranger with a dog of the same breed as ours. I recommended my pet groomer.

On Friday, I received a mitzvah at Costco. I had been shopping with my son and a man took my shopping basket back to the store for me. I thanked him and he told me since I had a child with me it was his pleasure to help.