A mitzvah within a mitzvah

814-816) I had hoped to find a volunteer opportunity to deliver meals on wheels through our local Loaves and Fishes organization. I have never had a chance to do that on Thanksgiving and thought it might be a good family opportunity. Luckily, 300 other people had already signed up (lots of mitzvah doers here). There was a need to hand out fliers at my local supermarket encouraging people to purchase a dinner at the check out line. I had my shift yesterday and it was a wonderful opportunity. It was a lot of fun and I saw several friends while I was on my shift. Also, I gave someone directions to the bathroom, helped someone find the manager, got someone to help a gal in the florist department and had someone ask me for condiments in the deli. I left feeling useful and having helped a very worthy cause.

817) Our gym has just made a new policy. They moved the towels outside of the locker rooms. Apparently, it has already dropped the towel usage by 50%. The only down side is if your in the locker room undressed and then you remember you forgot to take a towel ( you get the visual). On Monday, I got one for someone else and the next day had to ask someone to get one for me. What goes around comes around.

818) Sent gratitude cards to several people including my children’s teacher.

819) Volunteered in my daughter’s classroom today. There is no better insight to what’s happening at school than hanging around and volunteering. It’s eye opening.

I received two awesome mitzvahs this week, got a wonderful thank you card from one of my business partners. I also got a call from a friend whom I had given a recipe. I knew it was up her alley – easy and healthy. She called me to tell me her kids loved it and thanked me for sharing. I know I have said it before but cards and calls can really make a differene. I bet if each of us wrote one card and made one call a day we would literally change this world.

Finally, my daughter and I were reading some of my blog tonight and she asked if she could write a comment. I am so blessed.


Finished my first 50 mitzvahs…

47) Referred a friend to someone who can help her find a new job.

48) Gave a friend’s daughter a ride home after school since my friend was sick.

49) Donated the money from our bottle return to my daughter’s elementary school. When I mentioned this to my husband he thought the mitzvah should be his since he drank all that was in those bottles, of course I was the one to sort them and bring them to the store. I guess we both get  mitzvah credit for this one. 🙂

50) Sent a get well card to the founder of the company I have been part of for the last 5 years. Although I haven’t met him personally, his vision for our company has been tremendous. It is a company that has taught me to feel empowered in my life. I have learned that personal growth is important and that our thoughts effect our actions. I wanted to let the founder know that during his illness I would send prayers to him and thanked him for his incredible vision.

This brings me to another thought. Last week I received two cards. One from a dear friend who is the mother of three small children and the other from a client of mine. Both cards were heartfelt and special. When you are thinking about someone be sure to take the moment to let them know it. Often we don’t do that and the opportunity passes. I was so grateful to know that both of these women thought of me and was touched that each had sent me a card to let me know it. It’s the easiest mitzvah I know. So send a card or call someone you love and let them know it.

Review of Mitzvahs this week

I had a wonderful talk this week with a friend who will be doing a presentation this week on Tzedakah. She and I talked about my blog. She told me I am being very strict on what I am calling mitzvahs or not and that conceivable I am probably doing more than I am documenting. She may be right. We’ll see as the year goes on if that changes.

We did speak about the awareness that is coming from this project. I am looking for opportunities more than I used to and it does seem like my awareness is allowing for more opportunities to present themselves. Many of these mitzvahs take just a few minutes but the rewards are worth it.
25) Sent a card to a friend out of town having surgery next week.

26) Gave a card to a friend having a tough week at work to let her know I think she’s awesome.

27) Called a colleague who is looking for work and shared 3 people I knew in her field. I had seen one of them over the weekend and she had mentioned that there were potential jobs in her field. I wasn’t sure this counted as a mitzvah but after reviewing the 613 I think it falls under the category of…helping someone become self-sufficient.

28) Bought several blank thank you cards and stamped them for a friend presenting this weekend on doing charity work. I think this is the simplest gift you can give someone. I hope she will use them in her presentation with the participants.
29) Let a driver who had quickly snuck in front of me, go ahead of me graciously and was not upset by it.

As I am doing more mitzvahs, I also feel that I am being given them as well. In the past week, I have received two amazing cards that were heartfelt and made me feel wonderful. I am so grateful to be the recipient of those precious cards.