School supplies

It’s hard to believe that I have finally reached my final 10 mitzvahs for this 1000 mitzvah project. What started out as a crazy idea in the middle of the night has turned into something powerful and beneficial. These past few weeks,  I have been slow to track mitzvahs because I wasn’t quite ready to finish.

People continue to ask me what I plan to do next. For now, I have decided to blog about other volunteer opportunities or interesting stories about mitzvahs that happen after I have finished my project. I am looking for speaking engagements and ways to share my story. In addition, I have  begun work on a book proposal and look forward to that journey as it unfolds.  The old saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens” so I expect as I complete the original mitzvah project  a new piece of it will emerge.

990) Donated at the supermarket for the Meals on Wheels program of Loaves and Fishes.

991) Brought some school supplies requested by my son’s teacher. Their supplies are dwindling.

992) Put away a friend’s equipment at the gym today who needed to leave quickly.

993) Motioned someone to go in front of me in the car.


Sharing information mitzvahs

570) I attended a meeting yesterday for our upcoming green market at school and in honor of the spirit of this event I gave gifts to the committee members of very cool recyclable shopping bag.

571) Met a colleague today and thought she might want to meet another woman so I left a message to connect them.

572) Called a friend to see how she was doing, she’s had a rough year with her health.

573) The founder of our company died 10 days ago. I had only briefly met him once personally but he was a legend within our company. His son is still one of the VP’s of our company. I sent a condolence card to his son.

574) A mom at our school had recommended a book to me that I absolutely loved. I found her the other day to thank her for the awesome recommendation.

575) I made a suggestion to a colleague about something that she found very beneficial.

576 & 577) At the gym the other day, I got off the machine early so a stranger could have her turn sooner. Later that same woman, rushed off the machine and was running to the bathroom. I let her go before me as well. We laughed that our timing was funny that day.

578) Gave money to a street vendor with the Street Roots newspaper.

“Kindness extended, received, or observed…

“Kindness extended, received, or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer

gym shoes558) I have often agreed with this saying throughout my year of doing mitzvahs but truly felt it today. I was at the gym and an older woman was struggling to find her shoes. I have met her before and was getting dressed myself. I figured another set of eyes couldn’t hurt. It turned out that they were just under one of the benches but she hadn’t seen them. Two other woman saw me help her and both smiled at me as if to say thank you.  I love seeing others do acts of kindness and it always does make me feel better.

559) Called some neighbors who have recently had a change in their lives that likely would make them feel a bit sad. I called to acknowledge that and let them know I was thinking about them.

560) Not sure if jury duty counts as an act of kindness since we are obligated to participate, but I was called to jury duty and served willingly and happily even though the timing was not terrific. I actually enjoyed the process immensely.

Stopped by a local store where I frequent often to buy my calendar replacements and such. I was looking for a  specific refill that unfortunately has been discontinued. The employee not only found one in the back but gave it to me as a gift. That was the same day I was serving jury duty, so it seemed like a wonderful act of kindness reciprocated.

I received a lovely gesture of kindness this week. My personal trainer had heard that a local woman with my name had died this week and she hadn’t heard from me since before the holidays. She left me a message to make sure I was okay. I was touched by her care and concern.