Kindness extended in any language is usually a smile

I had an unusual experience today. I had stopped at a Starbucks to do some computer work. A gentleman sat down next to me and opened his computer too. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a chatty Cathy and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. So I asked him if he was working this week. He covered his ears and shook his head which I took to mean that he was deaf and couldn’t hear me. He quickly wrote on his computer. “What did you say?” I grabbed the notebook I keep tucked in my purse and wrote my question down inside. He typed some more and turned the computer so I could read, ” I am a teacher from New Mexico and I am here for two weeks working with children at a school for the deaf.” I smiled and nodded and he turned his computer one more time to show me a website for the New Mexico School for the Deaf. We both went back to our computers and when I had to leave a while later, I quickly jotted in my notebook, “Enjoy Your Visit. Happy New Year.” He gave me a big smile and wave as I walked out of the coffee shop.

It’s amazing to me that we can make a connection with another human being through so many modes of communication, no matter what language we both speak.

Make it a point this holiday week, to make a connection with someone whose language you don’t know.