Connect children with mitzvahs

My stepsister emailed me this week about something she has been doing with her 9 year old son for several years.  I love this idea and have just begun it with my own two children the past few nights.

Here is what she said, “Each night as part of our bedtime routine, he recaps his day to us…and that usually leads to some sort of conversation…in addition, he always says one thing that he did that day to make the world a better place, or something good he did for someone or something.  He always comes up with something.  I had never called these things mitzvahs before.

Why not help our kids be more conscious about their actions each day. I can only assume the wonderful things my sister has learned from her son each night.

A few mitzvahs for me this week:

936) Donated to a raffle for my networking group

937) Donated more items for a raffle basket at our school

Finally, a colleague sent me a link to a wonderful new blog called
In Line Behind Me. Their tag line? What if one small action could change the world.

Mmmm sounds good to me!