Trick or Treat for Unicef – 60 year anniversary

It’s been over thirty years since I went trick or treating as a child and I had all but forgotten about carrying my little Unicef box until the other day when I saw some bright orange boxes while visiting Toys “R” Us, Inc. with my son. I did some research and learned that even though I haven’t heard much about Unicef these past twenty years they are still around and have revamped some of their programs. This year they  have partnered with Toys “R” Us for the first time to help get the word out and celebrate their 60th year collecting through their trick or treat program. This morning, I learned more about the beginnings of this organization and perhaps why I haven’t heard much about them for nearly three decades on an NPR Story . It’s alway good to be reminded that Halloween shouldn’t be strictly about collecting gobs of candy. I know times have changed and there are many more charities than existed 60 years ago but I do hope that this renewed awareness in Unicef will help educate children of the  simple and easy ways that collecting small amounts of money can add up to a significant amount  for charities.

Here is a cool Unicef Time Line, that I found on the Unicef website.