Introducing Secret Agent L

Secret Agent L
Secret Agent L

In my last post, I mentioned that I had begun a Google Alert on Random Acts of Kindness. Last week, I learned about “Secret Agent L” a women in Pittsburgh who after helping a cross country friend celebrate her birthday by performing an act of kindness was bitten by the “giving” bug.

She began a website and got a bit of a buzz on a few other blogs around the country. L and her army of other affiliated agents leave small gifts usually $5 or less in public places with notes attached, explaining that the found object is a gift from Secret Agent L.

“I love the idea of doing it anonymously because it’s so important that I don’t want to focus on myself,” Secret Agent L says. ”

Check out her website maybe you can become a secret agent yourself!


Here’s a few for the week…

689) Sent a card to someone who I heard was in the hospital for surgery. I don’t know her well but her daughter is a friend of mine.

690) Called a colleague on behalf of someone who was inquiring about her to recommend that she give them a call.

691) Sent a card to someone in our community whose father had just passed away.

692) Helped an older lady at the grocery store who had dropped a few coins. She didn’t speak very good English but with her body gestures she showed me how grateful she was for what seemed like a very long time.

693) Sent a friend some gift certificates to a long distance attraction that we won. I was hoping that they could use it since it’s closer to their home than ours.

694) Encouraged someone who called and needed some advice.