Roots and Flowers: Loss, Grief and Growth

Yesterday, I received and email from Kim Cooper Findling, a free lance writer, whose blog, She Blooms Eventually, I’d commented on last year. We had exchanged a few emails and yesterday she shared this beautiful essay that has recently been published in the True North Magazine. It is so lovely, I asked her if I could share it on the blog as well.

Roots and Flowers: Loss, Grief and Growth

“Seven years ago, after losing our baby, my husband and I came home from the hospital to find a tree in the driveway. A group of friends had gone together to buy us a six-foot tall crab apple sapling sprouting optimistically towards the sky, roots tied up with burlap….

“We are so sad for you,” was written on the card above nine signatures, names we’d known for years now marked in ink like strength laid down before us. “This tree should bloom every year about now.”

To read the rest of the essay –

Thank you for sharing, Kim.