Intention and Doing a Mitzvah

I am not technically savvy. That said I have learned how to blog, Facebook and tweet and I enjoy doing all of it, but when it comes to real internet skills, I often struggle and kick and moan as learning new things seems to take much longer than it should!  I was so grateful last week when a friend and colleague who is a professional video producer and web designer offered me some of her valuable time to help me learn what I needed to make some videos to add to my website. What I realized is that when we aren’t skilled in something, having someone hold our hand and show us the ropes can make the task much less daunting.

I am thrilled to share a very short video from my Powell’s Book Launch in November. It was actually kind of fun to make and there will surely be more. Alas, with the right assistance even an old dog can learn new tricks. Enjoy.