Is it a mitzvah or not?

I am finding that almost every time doing a mitzvah makes me feel really good. I am grateful for the opportunity.

51 & 52) Yesterday, I visited with the Rebbetzin. We had some time to have tea and toast and she asked if I could take the Rabbi to have some blood work done. What an honor to be able to do this mitzvah. I had 1/2 hour with the Rabbi and we were able to talk about several subjects. It seems like such a little thing really and yet since the Rabbi and Rebbetzin aren’t able to drive right now a trip around the corner to the doctors office is definitely a big deal. I know I enjoyed this mitzvah immensely.

53) In the end, I am calling this next event a mitzvah but it did create some discussion in our family last night. I will explain the situation and our discussion about it. In the afternoon, my son and I were driving to get my daughter after a class. On the way, we saw a dog running loose in the streets in a very busy urban part of downtown. Several people were outside of a coffee place when we first saw him. Since I was in the car, I was able to follow him down many streets and through at least two parking lots. I was even able to stop twice and call to him but he just kept running. He was wearing tags so I guessed he had just gotten loose. In the end, he got away from us and we weren’t able to get him back to his owner. I had no idea if he was safe in the end.

At dinner that night, my son and I told the story. We were split on a decision as to whether if you intend to help someone or something by doing a mitzvah but aren’t able to complete it if you have still performed the mitzvah. Any thoughts on the subject?

54) This morning, my son woke me up very early (6am) as a mom I have heard so many times that time passes so quickly so after a few minutes of being irritated I decided that I should enjoy our snuggle time since soon my son will be bigger and likely won’t want to snuggle as much. In the end, we decided that he would like to come with me today to my morning services at synagogue at 7am. There are several special days a week to attend and today was one of them. At synagogue, Solomon put some money in the tzedakah (charity) box and was asked to have an honor and open the doors of the Ark that holds the Torah. After that he said well isn’t that enough mitzvahs for today? I think his mitzvah was getting up early,  joining me for services and participating so well for a 6 year old.

55) Picked up items for the school auction.