Scrapbooking for a Stranger

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance contacted me because she had heard from a friend that I was an avid scrap booker. She was trying to put together a memory book for a gentleman who was leaving his job as a weekly synagogue ” tot Shabbat” leader for their community. She had hoped to put together a book to give him as a token of appreciation for all that he had done for their community over the past several years.

I agreed to help out even though I had never attended that service with my own family and had never even met the leader. After a few mishaps in scheduling, this acquaintance and I were finally able to arrange a time to put the book together. With a couple of effortless suggestions, a few hours of our quick work and all my scrapbooking supplies we put together an attractive and befitting memory book for this gentleman. I loved being able to contribute my expertise and was  delighted with the results of our classic and completed project. The gratitude I received for this action belied its simplicity.

What I realized from this experience is that each of us, has our gifts to share with others. I happen to love scrapbooking and was very willing to give my advice and volunteer a relatively small amount of my time to help this community with a memory book for their esteemed teacher. What skills or talents do you have that would be beneficial to someone else? Do other people know that you are able and willing to offer these skills and your expertise from time to time when needed? If not perhaps you need to let friends know. Things that come very easily to one person can be quite difficult for someone else.

Not quite sure what your strengths or gifts are? Maybe you are great at gardening, auto mechanics, computer work, cooking, decorating, shopping for clothing or photography. The list is endless. Think about what you love to do and what comes naturally to you and go out and share those gifts from time to time with others just because you can. You will find that your innate talents are appreciated and both the giver (you) and the recipient will enjoy this beneficial experience.