Many mitzvahs given and received this week

I was able to give and receive multiple mitzvahs this week.

585) Today when I was at the dry cleaners, the owner mentioned she was looking to redesign her business cards with a new logo. I told her I had a friend who is an artist. I called my friend to give her the information and she told me just last week she was thinking she hadn’t created a logo recently and was hoping to get to soon. Definitely synchronicity in life.

586) Volunteered at school yesterday.

587) Agreed to do the neighborhood campaign for the American Heart Association. I took care of it this week, although I am not sure my neighbors will be all that receptive since I had just sent them the March of Dimes neighbors campaign last month. Oh well.

588) Complimented a man on his hat and tie. He was smiling ear to ear after that.

589) Heard that a friends brother had died after a long illness. I sent her a card to let her know I was thinking about her.

590) I received a wonderful compliment from a colleague and friend. I sent her a thank you not to tell her how much I appreciated it.

591) I was speaking to a client who is going through a rough time. I suggested an agency that I thought could provide some needed counseling. I gave her the phone number as well. I will follow up in a few weeks to see if she was able to contact them.

592) My daughter and I were out celebrating her birthday. She saw a check drop out of the waiters hand and quickly got it and followed the waiter to give it back.

593) Met a client who was looking for some work. I thought of someone in the community who might need her services and left that information in hopes it will lead to a connection between the two people.

Here are some mitzvahs received this week:

The compliment from my colleague.

My husband and I were both quite sick last weekend and missed a prominent Bar Mitzvah celebration in our community. Several people called to inquire when they didn’t see us there. It made us feel cared about when people called to check that we were okay.

I left my calendar in the coffee shop last week and a man came out to ask if I had done so. I was so relieved since my calendar literally is my life and it would have been terrible to misplace it. I thanked him profusely and told him I promised to pay it forward.


Sharing information mitzvahs

570) I attended a meeting yesterday for our upcoming green market at school and in honor of the spirit of this event I gave gifts to the committee members of very cool recyclable shopping bag.

571) Met a colleague today and thought she might want to meet another woman so I left a message to connect them.

572) Called a friend to see how she was doing, she’s had a rough year with her health.

573) The founder of our company died 10 days ago. I had only briefly met him once personally but he was a legend within our company. His son is still one of the VP’s of our company. I sent a condolence card to his son.

574) A mom at our school had recommended a book to me that I absolutely loved. I found her the other day to thank her for the awesome recommendation.

575) I made a suggestion to a colleague about something that she found very beneficial.

576 & 577) At the gym the other day, I got off the machine early so a stranger could have her turn sooner. Later that same woman, rushed off the machine and was running to the bathroom. I let her go before me as well. We laughed that our timing was funny that day.

578) Gave money to a street vendor with the Street Roots newspaper.

Sharing information

23) Visited with my friend on bed rest and brought some things she needed.

24) Saw a stranger wearing a great scarf, I told her I liked it and she said she is going to start selling them at a local venue. After she had walked away I remembered that the dollar store next door was having an amazing sale on some yarn. I went after her to tell her about the yarn.