A mitzvah in the works…

Today, when I was picking something up from the mall I actually followed the sales person in from the outside where he was putting out his cigarette. When we got inside and he was finished helping me, I said, “You know my dad just died at 70 from lung cancer.” He said, “I know my girlfriend keeps telling me I should quit.” I said,” You should, she may not be your girlfriend very long if you keep smoking its so stinky. I once had a boyfriend and I just hated the smoky smell. ” I said, “The thing that is really sad is that my dad isn’t going to see my kids grow up.” At that point, I realized that perhaps my little dialogue had gone on a bit too long. Instead of feeling good, I felt sort of like I had berated him. I have decided that tomorrow I will call the store and apologize to him. Not sure if accosting someone counts as a mitzvah but perhaps apologizing when you realize you have stepped out of line does.

What do you think?