Waffle Wednesday

For several years now, I have frequented an outdoor swimming pool in our community during the summer months. I remember the summer after my father died, feeling his energy on those early mornings I would get up and go to the pool. I also wrote once on my blog about taking my daughter to the pool and receiving a pretty cold shoulder from several of the other swimmers plus a reprimand from the lifeguards. My daughter was about 10 years old at the time and although she was a pretty decent swimmer she didn’t have the complete etiquette of lap swimming down. Of course, by bringing her to the pool I was hoping to expose her to that etiquette and help her get some much needed exercise. Regardless, of my intentions people were fairly rude and made some snide comments to us, except for a stranger named Ginny. Ginny welcomed us and thought it was great that mom and daughter were getting some early morning summer exercise.

Today, while I was wrapping up my swim time at the pool, the lifeguard announced that it was Waffle Wednesday. Ginny, who actually is a regular at the pool, had brought in her small waffle maker, some batter, syrup and fresh blueberries. Apparently, this is a weekly event that all the regulars know about and I suddenly realized I probably hadn’t swam before on a Wednesday. On my way out of the pool, I grabbed a waffle and kept thinking how Ginny, creates a community wherever she goes. Her welcoming smile and her actions like this simple gesture of bringing food, of all places to a pool, has created an excitement and joy that could easily be replicated at an office, community center or elsewhere. Anyone who happened to be in the pool at the time was invited to come share in Waffle Wednesday.

I know I was smiling when I grabbed a hot waffle and munched on it as I strode out after my swim. ¬†I wasn’t the only one either. Two other folks smiled as they saw me eating my waffle and said, “Yup it’s Waffle Wednesday.” Creating community and ¬†friendship is possible with the simplest acts of kindness. Thank you Ginny for your act of kindness today!