Synagogue Mitzvahs

996) Yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s and had a big load of groceries. A man came up behind me with his one item. I asked if he wanted to go first, he was so happy and told me that was the best thing that had happened to him all day. He was smiling and talking to the cashier about it. Easy to do, easy to not do. But how good it felt to do such an easy thing.

997) “All who are hungry. Let them come and eat…” Passover Haggadah. Our synagogue is doing a food drive.  I donated. So far we are on track to meet our goal to feed 1,000 Oregon families.

998) Received a request today from an old friend. His email was a plea for help. His childhood synagogue had a terrible fire.

Chisuk Emuna in Harrisburg, PA Suffers Tragic Fire

It turns out the Rabbi of the community was once my counselor on a year abroad.  The synagogue has set up a donation site where others can help them rebuild. Please take a moment and visit their blog and if you feel so inspired send a few bucks! I did.

Chisuk Emuna Congregation, POB 5507, Harrisburg PA 17110 ( please write “fire” in the memo section.)

Have a question about donations?

call 717-232-4851
or email