920) A few weeks ago, our PTO met and the news was pretty bad. Budget shortfalls, staff needing to take unpaid time and perhaps a shortened school year. Needless to say the staff morale was quite low. A past PTO president and mom, suggested we organize to bring in lunch for the teachers and staff. Just a little reminderĀ  from the parents, how much we appreciate everything they do for our children. Several parents volunteered to bring in items for a taco bar lunch. I brought in my contribution too. She and her son made a sign for them and everyone signed it. Yesterday, when I picked my children up it was obvious that this little lunch really had reminded the teachers and staff how valuable they are to us. If you are having similar situations at your schools, perhaps you can organize a lunch too.

921) DonatedĀ  to the Oregon Humane Society at the request of a recentĀ  Bat Mitzvah girl in our community.

922) One of our young adult babysitters lost her father recently, we donated in his memory to our synagogue.

923) Attended a class at my gym this week and befriended a new attendee. I told her what she needed for the class ie. mat and weights and shared some class tips with her as well. She was visible grateful.