Charity Gift cards instead of Starbucks gift cards

I wrote about TisBest Philanthropy back in October, when I first learned about this cool non-profit but now that I have utilized their services and I am even more excited about it. Tis Best offers charity gift cards that can be used for gift giving.The recipient of the gift card has 250 national nonprofit organizations to choose where to “spend” their donation. There are also local organizations for many areas in the country and more coming each month.

There are many people each holiday season I like to acknowledge including the teachers at our school, the mailman, hairdresser and perhaps  few others. The problem is that I don’t usually feel very creative and many times will just buy a Starbucks Gift Card and write a personal note. This year we decided to give TisBest charity gift cards instead. I gave out several of them just this week and have been delighted by the feedback.

One of my son’s teachers, spent hers immediately and I got a note from TisBest letting me know.

She also included a note after choosing to donate to the National MS Society, “This is for my friend who is living a healthy life now with a MS diagnosis, of eight years. This is really a great gift idea what a way to pay things forward.”

Perhaps there are people you’d like to share a TisBest charity card with this year. You can print them immediately or get a plastic “gift card” mailed to you to give out. What a great way to acknowledge a holiday, birthday or some other special occasion.

Visit the TisBest website to learn more.


TisBest Charity Gift Cards

Yesterday, I attended a Corporate Volunteering seminar with Chris Jarvis from Realized Worth. It was very insightful and I took away many new facts and ideas. One of the best things from the conference was meeting Jon Siegel and Chad Edwards and learning about their non profit called TisBest Philanthropy. TisBest has created Charity Gift Cards. I was so excited to hear about their idea and thrilled to be able to share it with others.

The idea behind these gift cards is that instead of giving someone more stuff the giver purchases a gift card for family, friends, clients or others and the recipient decides where to donate it. There are currently 250 national nonprofit organizations affiliated with TisBestPhilanthropy and they are working to continue expanding their local organizations as well. Each charity is chosen because it demonstrates leadership, efficiency, success and innovation in its programs.

Cards can be printed, emailed or produced on 100% recycled plastic cards. They would make awesome thank you gifts and could be fun for a bat mitzvah or wedding favors.

“Converting a gift-of-stuff to a gift-of-good every 43 seconds!” TisBest Philanthropy

Visit their website and begin purchasing TisBest gift cards for your holiday needs!