Mitzvahs for the week

790) Attended a meeting for Willowbrook camp. I will be organizing a phone-a-thon next month for this organization.

791) Picked up trash at school.

792) Attended a school PTO meeting.

793) Helped get out the gifts for the kids from the fundraiser I ran at school in October.

794) Sent a get well soon card to someone who is in the hospital.

795) The rebbetzin called me yesterday to help her. She needed a car seat for her infant granddaughter who is coming to town this week. I was so happy to assist her and even more thrilled that she called to ask for my help.

796) Complimented someone on her skirt.

797) Called a friend whose mom is in the hospital.

798) Volunteered to help at the kids Harvest Fest at school.

I love sharing mitzvahs that I receive. Here are two.

Last weekend, my husband and I dined with some friends at the restaurant that a few weeks before had given us a free dessert. This time a different employee did the same thing. My husband and I were shocked and delighted.

I received a wonderful thank you note today from a woman I have never met. She is the sister of a client of mine who was deeply effected in a recent hurricane. My client had emailed a request on behalf of her sisterĀ  that she needed help. I sent money to help. My client was blown away when she recieved over $6,000 dollars to send to help her sister. Her thank you note was deeply heartfelt and proved to me that helping a stranger can make a huge difference.


Weekly mitzvahs

430) Sent a card to a colleague who needed to be congratulated.

431) Gave a flower to a colleague who I wanted to recognize for a job well done.

432) Sent a thank you card to a client telling her I appreciated her.

433) Picked up some trash on my morning walk.

443) Volunteered to fill in for a canceled speaker at a meeting I was attending.

444) Gave written information to someone who asked about a specific store I recommended.

445) Called an elderly friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while.

446) Yesterday at the market, I saw the gentleman who ran the fish department, the night before we had purchased fish he had prepared and it was delicious. I thanked him for it. He was quite pleased.