Good friends

919) Yesterday, I visited a friend who had surgery last week. We roomed together in college so our friendship spans more than two decades. We met before husbands, before children and before our lives seemed to take on the adult roles they do these days. Her mom had been staying with her since her surgery last week but needed to run some errands and wasn’t sure her daughter should be left alone. Aah, once a mother always a mother.

My friend called me to see if I could come over and I was happy to help. We talked and talked as I made us lunch and dumped the dishwasher. There wasn’t the typical rushing around we usually have  when we see each other. When I shared with my friend my plan to speak and write more about my blog,  she named atleast 4 people I should contact. I realized later, that it is such a blessing to have old friends. Some old friends know your past, but can also see our potential and encourage and believe in the possibilities of  our new ideas. My visit with my friend today helped me realize that those kind of friends are absolutely priceless.