Volunteering at School

Today, I volunteered in my son’s classroom. As usual, it was an interesting experience. I never know what the teacher will ask me to do. Sometimes it’s just copying or cutting and sometimes I work directly with the children. Today, I got to work with several children who were learning the concept of money. I enjoyed playing “banker” and helping them  figure out their  complicated math story problem. Honestly,  there are sometimes concepts I am not familiar with when I volunteer. Recently, I learned the concept of mode and range for graphs. I don’t remember learning about that when I was in school or maybe it’s just something I have never used again. Nonetheless,  the kids are always happy to give me the answers! Volunteering has helped me get to know a few new children in the classroom. It’s been an important reminder how hard teachers work and how much they appreciate parent volunteers. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, volunteering at school is an awesome opportunity we have as parents. If you have never had a chance to do it, make it a priority.