Dishes, Tea and Charity

268) I had volunteered today to help at my daughters school for field day – a huge school wide event that runs all afternoon the day before school ends. I have volunteered for it every year she has been there and really enjoy it. My son’s school called last week to tell us that the author’s tea they had planned for next week was moved to today during an hour of overlapping times. Uh oh. I asked my son about the tea and he said it was VERY IMPORTANT to him! My husband was able to attend but he wanted us both there. I told the field day organizer that I would come and volunteer, leave to go to his event and return when it was finished for the rest of the afternoon. She was fine with that. When we arrived at my son’s event his face literally beamed when we walked in. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on that due to a prior commitment. The look on his face was worth more than anything.

269) Tonight was my son’s end of the year picnic dinner. At the end, the director was looking for parents to clean up before we left. I went into the kitchen and cleaned and washed dishes until it was time to go.

270) Friends of ours are leaving for Israel on Sunday. Many, many years ago a boyfriend of mine gave me tzedakah (charity) before I was going on a trip and told me to give it to charity when I got safely to my destination. I have always loved doing this for others. I gave our friends some money (for charity) tonight for a safe trip.