Follow up on yesterday’s mitzvah in progress

After speaking with both my daughter and my husband, I decided that I should just leave well enough alone. I had wanted to call the salesclerk who I had spoken with about smoking.  Both of them were really adamant that I should NOT call.  I will be more careful in the future and if I feel like talking about the subject of smoking and lung cancer I will ask permission first.

159) Drove a friend’s daughter home from school.

160) Had a short window of time to do a few errands today. One of them was a return and it took a very long time because they were having difficulty matching up the return slip with the items. Inside I felt harried and annoyed but I decided to be patient and even thanked the woman at the end of the transaction. I know she was trying her best.

161) Called to thank someone who had helped me with a project I was working on.


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