Share Your Umbrella with a Stranger

It’s those lovely simple opportunities that sometimes allow a human connection with another person. Case in point, last night was the first baseball game for our little league team. The weather, in typical Portland fashion, started out fairly dry. As our game began a massive dark cloud rolled in, literally dumping water on us as we huddled together under a dozen umbrellas. But, by the final inning of the game a gorgeous sunset appeared on the horizon.

I had remembered to bring a warm blanket to the game but hadn’t even thought about taking an umbrella with me. When one of the other moms sidled up next to me as the weather started looking gloomy and asked if I’d like to share her umbrella I gladly accepted. We’d only met briefly a few days prior at a practice game. Her husband and I had said hello and he’d introduced his wife and mentioned she was currently getting treatment at the university hospital where my husband works. After she sat down under the umbrella we bantered on like we were old friends, discussing hair or lack there of, motherhood, raising boys, working, chemotherapy and several other subjects during our time, sharing her umbrella.

Had this complete stranger not offered to share her umbrella with me, I doubt we would have made that connection. Sitting so close to someone for more than an hour and a half allowed us some time to get to know each other in a deeper way than just a passing stranger. It turned a rainy dreary game into an opportunity.

I’m certainly eager to share an umbrella again. Guess I’ll have to remember to bring mine the next time.


One thought on “Share Your Umbrella with a Stranger”

  1. Its those beautiful simple and easy opportunities that sometimes allow a human connection with someone. Case in aim, last evening was actually the initial baseball game for the little league team. The elements, in typical Portland fashion, started out fairly dried out.

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