Mitzvah 6 and one for my son

I had a thought today and I wanted to explain it. I am not working to do anything different than I usually do. I am not attempting to perform mitzvahs to hit my goal. My husband and I joked that next winter I might be on a mitzvah marathon if I haven’t reached my goal by then.

6) Sent out donation cards for the American Red Cross today to my neighbors.

My 6 year old son also reminded me that his mitzvah today was that he shared his brand new radio controlled car with a group of kids at the park. He was eager to share even though I was hesitant.


One thought on “Mitzvah 6 and one for my son”

  1. Linda – think you do more “mitzvahs” than you can actually track…it is totally your nature to be kind and help others!!

    It is fun to see what you do each day!!

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