Respecting privacy

I have decided to keep my blog slightly vague when I write about mitzvahs with friends and acquaintances. I don’t want anyone to feel insulted or upset that I have been including them in the blog. I realize that may make tracking the mitzvahs less interesting, but I feel that it is more respectful to do it this way.


One thought on “Respecting privacy”

  1. Thank you for inviting me to see your site. I think the work you are doing is wonderful.

    Today I am contacting a woman who runs a thrift shop. She is 50 years old, and comes from difficult family circumstances. She was profiled a few weeks ago in a local weekly newspaper.

    I’m going to give her many of the stuffed dolls and toys I have accumulated over the years. Some of them are collectible, so she will decide how to use them. She supports an organization that gives these items to young women who are incarcerated in prison.

    I thought this might be a good mitzvah for our family.

    In peace,


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