How to avoid the Monday morning blues… mitzvah calls…

29) How about a new take for a Monday morning. I did mitzvah calls this morning. I thought wow if anyone was feeling a bit sad about having to head back to work on a Monday they should start their day with mitzvah calls. I called several friends including my friend on bed rest, a neighbor who hasn’t been well and a friend who recently lost her mom. I loved getting a chance to check in with all of them and letting them know I was thinking about them. I am equally sure they enjoyed knowing someone was caring about them.

30) Gave a friend a ride to her car.

31) After having wonderful customer service on the phone I asked to speak to Heidi’s supervisor so I could share the compliment with her supervisor. Both Heidi and her supervisor were delighted to receive the sentiments.

32) Solicited several items for my son’s school auction. My husband felt this was definitely a mitzvah since it was raising funds for his school. I’ll have to give a look at the 613 mitzvot to see if I can find one it might fall under.

Finally, while I was calling for the auction I made a wrong number. The women on the other end of the phone said she often gets calls to that company and asked she could look up the correct number for me on the Internet while I waited. How’s that for a complete stranger helping me out.

Thought of something today so I am adding this phrase to my email signature.

“Changing the world one mitzvah at a time.”


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