Who likes Wednesdays… I love them.

65) Donated to our public broadcasting station – OPB.

66) Visited the Rebbetzin, last week was her anniversary so I picked up some flowers in a lovely pitcher to give to her. She told me to keep the pitcher and she put the flowers in another pitcher, on the way out the door she told me to fill the pitcher again and do another mitzvah.

67) Bought some more flowers and gave them to another friend who is working so hard on our school auction.

68) Gave money to a vendor selling Street Roots, a local paper that publishes in Portland and is part of an International organization of street papers. I had never taken the time to read the paper until a week ago. I am committed to giving a dollar or two to any vendor I see selling the paper. The vendors are homeless or low income men and women who get to keep $.70 on each paper they sell.


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