Awareness and Attitude

This mitzvah project seems to be teaching me many things, including forgiveness, awareness of our environment, and to be more grateful. Also, that when we slow down a little we are able to enjoy our lives more and  have more time to give to others.
I never imagined this would be the case, but I am definitely enjoying it nonetheless.

79) Visited my Rabbi and Rebbetzin on Wednesday. We had the most amazing conversation this week about pets. My dog had a weird thing happen on Wednesday morning and I was terrified that he had had a stoke and was dying. I was sort of embarrassed to talk to the Rebbetzin about it thinking it was kind of a trivial thing. She told me when their dog died they cried for a week. It made me feel better that my feelings for my pet are important and others including a Rabbi and his wife had a similiar feeling with their own pet.

80) Brought florescent light-bulbs to the synagogue I have been going to on Wednesdays. A woman there is recycling them. I wasn’t sure how to turn that into a mitzvah so I decided to write a thank you note to the woman telling her I appreciated her helping me take care of recycling my light bulbs.

81, 82 & 83) Did several different things for our auction this Sunday, including a trip to the store, some work at home and playing with the kids so the coordinator could get something done for 1/2 hour.

84) Called a friend who was recovering from surgery.


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