Act as if what you does matter, it does!

This morning, I got up early to go to synagogue for morning services (they begin at 7am) so some morning I just can’t do it with the kids. However, today I figured I had just enough time to make lunches put on some workout clothes and get to synagogue. I hadn’t taken a shower and was feeling presentable but certainly not dressed for success. I did happen to put on a shirt and hat that had some rhinestone designs.

I was given an honor of a blessing before the Torah is read (an aliyah). When I got up to do it, I sort of mumbled to the woman next to me, who I respect dearly and is a huge inspiration in terms of tzedakah work in our community, I don’t exactly feel dressed for the occasion. She gave me a big smile and said “You’re glittering.” I am not sure what she meant but it made me smile.  I  realized that what you wear on the outside doesn’t necessarily change who you are on the inside. Her words have stayed with me all day and made me smile!

208) Gave Tzedakah at synagogue.


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