Mitzvahs for children

504) Called and sent a condolence card to a acquaintance whose father had just died.

505) Sent out Thanksgiving cards to my colleagues to say thank you for a wonderful year.

506) Let a UPS driver turn left in front of me on a cold, rainy evening when no one else was letting him.

507) Called the Rebbetzin to see how she was doing, she was tired and didn’t want me to come by until later in the week.

508) Saw someone I knew who is going through a very difficult time. Turned back to spend a few minutes checking in. Recommended some places to go for assistance. Made a call as well to someone to see if that help was available.

509) DSFO volunteer work.

510) Stopped by the hairdressers to say thank you. Last week we had stopped in to have my son’s haircut. He was very specific about how he wanted his haircut. She was extremely patient and listened to everything he said. He was thrilled with his haircut and my daughter (forever his critic- was too).

511) Sat very close to family at a restaurant over the Thanksgiving weekend. The mom was with two small children and had another family couple (obviously without kids) there too. She was so calm and collected even though she was trying to service her children while eating herself, with little help from the other two adults at the table. At the end of the meal, I acknowledged how well she seemed to be doing, in less than stellar circumstances. She was very grateful. I think usually people see and comment on our worst parenting skills. Better to notice when someone has done something well.

512) Made a donation to Auntie Linda’s MDA goal. Hopefully this will keep her out of jail. 🙂


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