Toilet Paper Mitzvah?

808) Inquired about someones health. It hasn’t been good recently.

809) Donated several items to a raffle.

810) Complimented someones outfit.

811) Okay, so today I was at a public restroom and I used the last of the toilet paper roll. I turned around and saw that there was more on the shelf and preceded to change the roll. I realized that I always do this. If for some reason I don’t see the toilet paper/or paper towel I will find a manager or owner or whomever can take care of this before the next patron comes in. I assume other people do this too but I have never actually talked about it with anyone. So I guess it’s the right thing to do but is it a mitzah?

812) Today, I stopped at a supermarket that I don’t usually frequent. At this store, patrons who bring their own grocery bags receive 10 cents a bag. They will either credit your bill or you can put your 10 cents into a donation for several different local charities. I thought this was a great idea and I hope more stores will begin to do this. This is a win-win for the environment, the local charity and the stores. Great job!

Received a wonderful mitzvah today. I had recently purchased a special pillow from a local store. It wasn’t the right one but the receipt had said no returns on bedding. It wasn’t cheap so I was expecting a difficult discussion from the owner. She listened to my story and with no questions asked, made an exchange. What a wonderful act of kindness.


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