Toilet paper again?

toiletpaper965) I know, I know. Talking about toilet paper as a mitzvah is pretty silly, but on Saturday night my hubby and I were out on a date. I used the public restroom and lo and behold, there was no toilet paper in my stall. I looked around the restroom to find a role to replace it but couldn’t find any. As I was walking out the door, I saw a cabinet that had the toilet paper in it. I grabbed a roll and went back inside and handed it to another women under the door. Of course, she was very grateful.

966) We have a new garden store that is opening up down the street. It is replacing one that was there for decades and we were all sad to see it close. The new owner also a long time garden store owner (and previously a competitor) is incorporating the old name into his.  I walked past today and complimented him on that decision. I thought that was truly an act of kindness to acknowledge and pay tribute to the previous owner.  He smiled and of course agreed.

Received a mitzvah yesterday, my family was out on a walk when my son needed to use the restroom urgently. We ducked into a public building, but the restrooms required a code that the security guard didn’t want to give us . She told us to go to the restaurant down on the floor below for that information. A gal from the restaurant heard our conversation and saw my son desperate and happily gave us the code. My son and I were very grateful.


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