Recipient of mitzvahs

Received several mitzvahs.

This afternoon a friend told me that yesterday on Easter she overheard a mom she knows talking about my blog and mitzvah project. My friend interjected and told them she knew me. Wow, that totally made my day!

Tonight,  I attended a speakers association meeting. At the end of the meeting, I asked a question and the speaker invited me to come up to the front of the room so she could coach me. Of course, I was nervous but what an amazing opportunity! When I returned to my seat the gentleman in front of me handed me his card and told me he had taped the whole coaching session (which was an introduction to a speech I am giving next week that was absolutely brilliant).  Another member handed me her written transcription as well. I was so grateful to the speaker for her fabulous spontaneous introduction which was better than anything I can currently craft and the folks who recorded her words for me!


2 thoughts on “Recipient of mitzvahs”

  1. Linda, your were amazing how you handled the pressure of that special invitation from such an expert in the field. I thought you did a great job and you were genuine and honest in your approach.

    There is no facade with you – you’re the real deal! I look forward to tracking you as you help so many people!

  2. I want to echo what Kevin said. You were obviously not intending to be called up by the speaker.

    I especially loved how you repeated her words but changed the length of time from 1 hour to 15 minutes! 🙂


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